Paint Stripping

Our powerful paint stripping plant can remove previous powder coating, wet paint and other forms of paint prior to preparation.


In order to provide a great finish, parts must be free of oil, grease and dirt. We have a variety of methods to ensure we get the best finish possible, from hand wiping to our vapour degreasing tank.

Etch Priming

Our 2 pack etch primer promotes adhesion of subsequent coatings by microscopically etching the surface – It is particularly useful when a greater level of resistance or adhesion is required and when a product will be used or kept outdoors.

A bicycle frame after paint stripping, ready for shot blasting.

APP120 is a primer system offering enhanced corrosion protection of mild steel. It includes active anti-corrosive pigments which provide a steel passivation effect to protect the substrate. If your parts require extra corrosion protection, this is the primer for you.

Shot Blasting

In addition to our stripping, degreasing, etching and priming preparation methods we also offer aluminium oxide shot blasting. Shot blasting will remove old paint, rust and other debris. It provides an excellent mechanical key prior to painting.

Other coating and finishes

Due to our total supply customers far reaching requirements we have excellent relationships with many other finishing companies so can offer a wider range of services. Because we deal with them all the time, we can source better pricing for you, avoid minimum order charges and include delivery and collection.

A bicycle frame after shot blasting, ready for etch priming and powder coating.